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Earlene Fowler, author of Benni Harper mysteries;

Helen Keller said, "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

I think this portrays wonderfully what Beta sigma Phi means to its members.  In my association with Beta Sigma Phi I have seen Friends who have unselfishly supported, encouraged, loved and cherished each other through both happy times and times of sadness and loss.  To me this proves that to be a success in a profession is admirable, but to be a success in friendship is a treasure.  I think that's first and foremost what Beta Sigma Phi represents, women lifting up other women in friendship, encouraging them to give the world and each other their very best.  I'm proud and delighted to be an International Honorary Member of Beta Sigma Phi.  Long live the Sisters of Beta Sigma Phi!
My best, Earlene

Elizabeth Witmer, MPP, Kitchener-Waterloo

I agree that it is important for women throughout the world to be made aware of the mission of Beta Sigma Phi.
We live in a very busy society and it is important that women know they have the support of other women as they carry out their responsibilities of a career, job and family.   Membership in a Beta Sigma Phi chapter provides this essential element and can lead to life-time friendships.
I believe friendship is crucial to good health.  It boosts self-esteem, increases one's sense of belonging and self-worth and promotes positive mental health.

 An adage I enjoy, sums it up;

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow,

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus


I appreciate the opportunity to express my views on the subject of friendship and the advantages of membership in Beta Sigma Phi.

 Sincerely, Elizabeth Witmer, MPP


Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, Associate Dean, Diversity Faculty of Science

I humbly and with much gratitude accept the honor to be an International Honorary Member of Beta Sigma Phi.  I am delighted to carry on with what I have been doing with the organization and supporting the sisterhood in any way.  It has been a great privilege for me to come to know many of the members of the chapters in Edmonton and Area - what a wonderful group of women and what great work the chapters do locally and throughout the organization worldwide. 

With my deepest gratitude and my kindest regards, Margaret-Ann

Anne Jeffreys, Actress, Singer 

What a pleasure to be made an International Honorary Member of Beta Sigma Phi.  So many years have gone by since I was involved with Beta Sigma Phi but I still remember the song and the pleasant times spent in the meetings.  I believe it was in 1942-43, a friend, Marilyn Hare, a fellow contract player at the Republic Studio, took me to my first meeting.  How she heard of Beta Sigma Phi - I have no idea - but she wanted me to share in the happiness she found there and I was glad she did. 

In this world we live in today - filled with lack of morals, violence, hatred and lack of concern for others - it is comforting to know that Beta Sigma Phi can still exist and continue its good influence on the women of this day.   I wear my pin with pride and I thank you.  
Most Sincerely, Anne Jeffreys

Phyllis Davis, City Sponsor for Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I was appointed to the position of City Sponsor for Calgary, Alberta, Canada -- area City Council of Beta Sigma Phi, five years ago.  Having had significant community involvement but no experience with Beta Sigma Phi, I took on the role with anticipation.  I found all the ladies to be so caring and they made me feel so special.  The expectations for me made me want to live up to those expectations and thus expanded my horizons greatly.  Beta Sigma Phi is truly an organization for women that provides life long learning.  I am honored and humbled to be an International Honorary Member.
Sincerely, Phyllis Davis

Elizabeth Dole, Politician 

I hope you know how much I appreciate the tremendous honor you have generously given to me.  I am delighted to be an International Honorary Member of Beta Sigma Phi and very much appreciate the faith you placed in me to uphold the prestigious mission of the organization.  I feel a special kinship with each Beta Sigma Phi sister and hope that as our paths cross in the months and years ahead, we'll continue to have many opportunities to visit.  I wish you much continuing success.

With heartfelt thanks again and warmest best wishes,

Elizabeth Dole

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