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 What Are Our Members Saying About Beta Sigma Phi?
Read for yourself the thoughts of our Beta Sigma Phi sisters.
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"Beta Sigma Phi allows me to
be me, not mom, co-worker or wife.
I can express myself through our
community service on a larger level
than I ever could alone."

- Susan Waldron of Louisiana Alpha, Houma

 Our sorority is a sisterhood of a community of women linked by a common thread just like a relationship between
biological sisters.

- Anita McCoy of Georgia Gamma Xi, Claxton

 "After 10 years in sorority, I have come to treasure my sisters and my time with them.  I am in a chapter filled  with wonderful, strong, and innovative women, all of which genuinely care for each other.  I am proud of my chapter and pleased with our contribution to the community.  Looking back on my time in BSP, I wouldn't change a thing.  I would encourage any woman of any age to consider joining or starting a chapter of her own.  It will change her life in so many positive ways."
- Diana Biddle of Oklahome Xi Gamma Eta, Edmond

"Wow! Where do I begin?  12 years ago when I joined Beta Sigma Phi and I have over 100 new friends and sisters that are a very important part of my life.  Our chapter is very close and we have so many friends in some of our other local chapters.  I know my sisters will always be there for me in good times and bad.  I encourage any woman to seek out new friends and sisters by joining Beta Sigma Phi."

- Bev Heyer of Oregon Preceptor Alpha Omicron, Roseburg 

"I was welcomed in this group with open arms and very caring sisters.  Not knowing what all was in store for us as a group gave us the chance to move forward and move forward with a stonger bond.  We meet at meetings, some live near each other, if one of us needs something we are all there willing to help.  Whether it's an ear to listen, house to shelter them or maybe just plain old, 'I need a night for me not only do we have you covered, you are covered with company.' "

- Missouri Kappa Zeta, Lees Summit members Dana Boyle, Kattie Grooms, Jackie Englis, Tonya Dutcher, and Susan Duffey

 "In December 2006, I joined Beta Sigma Phi and it has been a wonderful, whirlwind adventure ever since - wonderful women, camaraderie, meetings, conventions, brunches.  For prospective members, I would say to "jump right in and get your feet wet" by volunteering for many different chairs or officer positions --- you get out of it what you put into it.  I certainly have!!!"
- Marilyn Elwood of Online Kappa

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Reasons to become a member of Beta Sigma Phi!

Ask most members why they joined and they will tell you, friendship. The friendships develop and deepen while learning through chapter programs or philanthropy done throughout the communities. However, the endless possibility of new friendships and a lot of fun is still the number one answer.

In addition to helping you make the best friends of your life, Beta Sigma Phi has many benefits of membership. Some of these are:

  • Scholarships
  • Conventions - State, province and country
  • On Line Chapters
  • Local chapter membership
  • Transfer privileges of membership
  • Chat room
  • Membership discounts
  • Insurance programs
  • Legacy membership for your special young girls
  • Chapter in a Box to form new chapters in areas where there are none
  • On Line Torch Magazine or print subscription
  • Gift shopping
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • The full use of our website

These are just some of the benefits that you will be entitled to use when you become a member . The real reason most of us are members now and will be forever, are our friendships and the fun we have with our sisters.

Chapters of Beta Sigma Phi average 10 15 women, meet in members' homes either once or twice a month depending on the format of the chapter. Cultural programs are held to encourage personal growth, whether it's to overcome shyness through group interaction, while members holding officer positions enhance their leadership skills.

Conventions give us a chance to meet members worldwide and not just within our local communities, cities, state or province. Convention gatherings are typically, three day events to enjoy activities with good friends, good food and shopping. As an active member, you have the ability to attend conventions anywhere you might have an interest. Each year, there is usually at least one Internationally sponsored cruise. Any member as well as her family or friends are able to join our group for this cruise. Rates are typically better than you'd receive booking a cruise on your own.

If Beta Sigma Phi sounds like something that fits your needs, please call or email our Rushing Department and they will be happy to get you started. Start your Beta Sigma Phi experience by joining on line. On line chapters enjoy membership in the same manner as land chapters except through email.  We will be happy to help you find a local chapter, an on line chapter or to form a chapter of your own. The International Office Staff is here to help you with any aspect of membership. So think of becoming a sister soon and we'll look forward to adding you to our worldwide circle of friends.

Call 1-888-238-2221, email  or  Click Here to submit your information for contact and let's get you started on a journey of a lifetime! (This screen will be unavailable from 11:00pm - 2:00am CST for system maintenance)

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