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New Mexico Legacy Daughter Tea
Delaney Wyatt (Alpha Master), Mariah Billingham (Alpha Master), Rylin Jacobi (Laureate Alpha Sigma),
Allison Peck (Laureate Kappa), Marisa Trillanes (Alpha Master)

Mississippi Preceptor Mu
Sage Newman, Mallory Newman, Hadlee Skinner

Alabama Theta Delta
Ella Cailin Randall

Nevada Preceptor Alpha Beta
Tameka Jai Wright

  Request a copy of the new Legacy Word Search Game;  carols@betasigmaphi.org.


Georgia Lambda Epsilon
Ella Long and Ella Bryan

Georgia Kappa Mu
Madison Brucker, Erin Gazdziak, and Catherine Lee

  Georgia Theta

Kaitlyn Cook


Casey Cook


Texas Epsilon Rho Master
Sarah Gabrielle White

Indiana Alpha Chi Master
Kylie Marie Swartzbaugh

  The Legacy Program

In 1957, the Legacy Program was started and the first enrolling legacies were Walter W. Ross' granddaughters, Laura, Judy & Linda Ross. The Legacy Program was a way the members could give the gift of Beta Sigma Phi to their daughters, granddaughters, nieces or any other special girl in their life. Sharing Beta Sigma Phi with young girls was a very loving gift the members wanted to pass on, so that these legacies would in turn enjoy some of the same treasured experiences.

To enroll a young girl from birth to seventeen, just complete the enrollment form that can be found on our home web page under the Download title.  Or, telephone the Rushing Department toll free at 1-888-238-2221.  The only information necessary is the girl's name, home address (if different from sponsor's), actual birth date and $55.00 enrollment fee.  After the Legacy is enrolled the International Office will send the Legacy necklace, Legacy membership card and a copy of the Legacy Ritual to her sponsor. She will receive annual birthday card greetings through her 17th birthday and enjoy the Legacy web page.

Chapters may recognize their Legacies in any manner, annually or more often throughout the year. Traditionally, a Legacy Day celebration is held the Saturday before Mother's Day,  however, the decision is up to your chapter.

Once the Legacy reaches the age of 18, she is eligible to join a chapter by invitation. Her one time Beta Sigma Phi membership fee and the first year of International annual fees are waived since her sponsor has paid them with the $55.00 enrollment.  She would just fill out the BSP Membership Application, include her legacy number and sign the form to send to International.

 **Is your Legacy older than 18 and ready to start her own friendship journey into sorority?  We would love to assist her.  Just start by sending us her name, home address, telephone number, email address, or have her contact us.

**Please note, last policy enrollment change occurred August 1999, please check with International for further details if you have a legacy becoming a Beta Sigma Phi member if she was enrolled previous of that date.


Please be sure International has your correct mailing address.

Click here to send it to the Legacy Desk!


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