The 2017 Scholarship Winners List is now available by clicking the link below the "New or Updated" section below.  The list will appear in the May/June issue of the Torch as well.

Recording Secretaries RETURN the blue Record Review form with NEW OFFICERS in MAY!  This form is how officers are coded.  Even if no change in officers please send form with officers indicated!  Thank you for your help.

NEW - Life members can now complete an individual Angel Member Pledge form or submit an individual Angel Payment on the website (click on link under Members Only above).  The ability for one member in a chapter to submit payments for multiple life members with Angel Pledge Forms on file at the International office will be available soon!

As of January 1, 2017 fees will be increased by $2. Annual fees will now be $45.00, the membership fee will increase to $69.00 and the Reinstatement fee will go up to $47.00.

It has been four years since fees were last raised. Costs of living are increasing for everyone and it pains us to raise fees on our members. We understand that while the costs of living go up, income often stays the same for most of us. We are doing everything we can to cut costs where we can and still maintain a high level of service for you, our members.

Throughout our history we have beaten the odds. Our sorority was born out of the depression and grew to be at one time 250,000 members strong. In the beginning days of sorority, the membership fee and first year's annual fee, was $29.50 which amounted to over a month's salary. Yet Walter believed that people who need wider knowledge, deeper culture, and the comforting warmth of close and lasting friendships need those things even more urgently when times are difficult and people are afraid of the future.

He was right, and the membership grew. We can beat the odds again, so let us reflect on the importance Beta Sigma Phi has played in our lives and pass the torch for the next generation of sisters.

The International Office Phone number is 816-444-6800.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the left over merchandise from our 2016 International Convention

please contact the International Office Gift Department at 800-821-3989.

The following is a list of items available and the prices. Actual shipping cost will be added to the total.

Glass Bell Jar - 35.00

Crepe Yellow Rose (NOT the light up rose) – 10.00

Snow Globe – 10.00

Name Badge Holder – 2.00

Convention Charm – 3.50

We have found an issue with using an iPad or iPhone to submit payments on the website.
Please do not use these devices to submit payments until the problem has been corrected.
We will have this issue fixed as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience.
For a list of 2016 International Convention Attendees click this link:     2016 International Convention AttendeesFor a memorial list of members that have passed in 2016 click this link:    Memorial List for 2016


Current year theme charm!
Beta Sigma Phi is pleased to announce our partnership with a new women’s magazine called Yellow Roses. We will be highlighted in the magazine with a full page article to introduce women to our organization. They offer a sign-up to receive complimentary emails to include their monthly short newsletter entitled: “Notes From Our Rose Garden” and two condensed issues of Yellow Roses magazines in June and December. Subscriptions include 2 hard copy magazines mailed out in March and September. Their introductory offer to subscribe includes a free subscription to a friend. Each subscriber will receive a free small yellow rose magnetized yellow pin to be worn for discounts and to spread their message of fun, friendship, and giving through joining a women’s organization—or better yet, more than one. To learn more, visit

The "Once Upon A Time" dvd/vhs telling the history of Beta Sigma Phi is available by calling the gift department at 1-800-821-3989!


 http://     http://
Visit the Envoy Page - Visit the Legacy Page


***New requirement changes to International Award of Distinction:
Years ago. Bill made a change to the IAD rules so that multiple members in a town or state could not get the honor if another member had gotten it within 3 years.  We understand the reasoning, but those of us who didn't think it was fair before, still don't think it is fair, so the Executive Coordinating Committee voted to allow any member who can fulfill the requirements to get it as they become eligible and not hold anyone back in this way.  It is unfair to members who might be in ill health and to those who didn't get theirs in first and are forced to wait.  We will no longer have this restriction.  However, in order to make sure those who receive this honor are members of the highest standing and dedication, we will be strengthening the other requirements. ***

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   New Beta Journal Mobile Site

   2017 International Cruise Information

   Current Scholarship Winners

   Recommend a Prospective Member

   Guidelines - Using your excess months
for progression.

    Self Program Form
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New Books Available

The Beta Sigma Phi 85th Anniversary Cookbook is now available. Thank you to everyone who submitted a recipe. We wish we could have included every single one, but if we had, the book would have been more than 700 pages long! Do not call International to order this book - we do not stock it here. You can get your hard cover copy from by clicking the picture below. If you need help with ordering, please contact the Torch Department at 816-444-6800. If you prefer paperback or spiral version click on the corresponding link below.
(Click picture below for hardcover)
Click here for Paperback Version 
Click here for Spiral Version

These are our print-on-demand line of books, which are available directly from Amazon
(Do not call International's Gift Department to order these).

The large print edition of the Book of Ritual is now available! You can order it directly here:
Amazon - Book of Ritual

The large print edition of Invitation to Life is now available! You can order it directly here:
Amazon - Invitation to Life listing.

The large print Book of Beta Sigma Phi is now available! You can order it directly here:
Amazon - Book of Beta Sigma Phi listing.

We now have the Book of Ritual available for Kindle and Nook. You can or them directly from the following link:

Amazon - Book of Ritual (for Kindle)
Amazon - Book of Ritual (for Nook)

To use the member services on this website you will
need Adobe Acrobat Reader (link is under special
offers above) and allow pop ups in your web browser
for this website!

Pioneer the Way and let your Facebook page do the work. Share Beta Sigma Phi via the web on Facebook with your girlfriends. (We are NOT requesting you to make a new Facebook Page for BSP or your chapter!) Get them excited about new friendship connections through your organization -- Beta Sigma Phi -- Then inform the Rushing Department when you participate and upon confirmation, you will receive a pioneer charm from International.
 Important Announcements!

Important information about Tax forms:
Some chapters have questions about our tax status.   Beta Sigma Phi is not a tax exempt organization.  Most chapters do not make enough to interest the IRS and what they do make they spend on deductible expenses.  We do not need to fill out the 990 form as that is for TAX EXEMPT organizations, we have a statement from our accountants about that on the download page.  If you have questions as to whether your chapter or council should file tax forms, please contact a local tax consultant.   Historically, most chapters don't make enough to be considered but only you all know how much your chapter makes so no blanket statement can cover all chapters.

This year's theme is  We Put Our Hearts Into It!

The Torchbearer Degree

Beta Sigma Phi International is excited to announce
the new Torchbearer Degree.
  For more information,
please see the Dec 2011/ Jan 2012 issue of the Torch,
page 5 on the Torch magazine PDF web page.

 What is new!

Looking for us on Facebook?  Make it easy, go to our links page, check under Miscellaneous Links for the Facebook section and all the ones we know about are listed with the link to take you to them.  Check out all the fun pages we have, send other sisters there too!  The more of us on Facebook the more likely more women will find us!  And if you have a page and we don't list it, please let us know.

Looking for something and we don't have it?  Call or email us and we'll see if we can add it to the site.  You are the ones who use it for what you need, tell us if you think of something we don't have or that you think would be great to have.
 Interested in becoming a member?

Beta Sigma Phi is an International Womens' friendship network. We are the largest organization of its kind in the world. Our membership is made up of women of all ages; usually beginning in their twenties or thirties and staying active for their entire lives, building friendships that last a lifetime. Click on the Reason's to join link in the menu above under About Us to find out more.....

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